Super Immunity Boosters (Pregnancy Safe, Nursing Safe)

November 6, 2012 at 7:19 pm 1 comment

Because it’s cold and flu season, I decided to blog about some of the remedies I use for myself and my son to stay healthy.

Before I had kids, I used to rely on Cold FX to help me fight off colds and flues with fewer symptoms and shorter overall duration.  It really does work.  The problem is that once I got pregnant, I couldn’t rely on it because it has not been studied in pregnancy.  I also couldn’t use it once my son was born because it may not be safe in nursing either.  So I had to figure out and concoct some safe alternatives for nursing and pregnancy.

Recipe 1

1/2 tsp ginger powder

juice of half a lemon (or less to taste)

Stevia to taste

Dilute with cold water

Mix all ingredients and drink two to three servings per day.  The ginger is highly anti-inflammatory and will help with any flu related nausea.  The lemon has vitamin C.

Recipe 2

Strong Chaga Mushroom tea

1 tsp turmeric

Add turmeric to the hot tea.  My mother in law was the first person to tell me about chaga mushrooms.  She said “they are good for everything!”.  I did some reading and found out that they were used in Russia and the far east to heal many ailments including cancer and are excellent for the immune system.  While I was pregnant with Hannah, I suffered a severe cold which left me pretty debilitated for almost two full weeks, and I had residual asthma for several weeks more.  I decided I could not get sick like that again while pregnant (and I didn’t want to have to take any more asthma medication).  Turmeric is also very anti-inflammatory and can ease the sore throat you feel at the beginning of a cold.   So I put chaga and turmeric together and the next time I felt a cold coming on, it materialized to nothing more than a slightly sore throat and runny nose.  I’ve used it many times since, and I give it to my son and it works really well.  Chaga mushrooms are available online.

Recipe 3

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup water

Warm the water and add the salt.  Stir until dissolved. Use this to gargle several times per day.   This recipe comes from my Dad.  I used to get lots of colds as a kid and he didn’t often let me stay home from school.  He told me if I gargled with salt water, I wouldn’t get sick.  He was right.  I think the salt kills the germs where they start spreading: in the throat.  You can also neti-pot with salt water to prevent sickness when you’re exposed to something.

Recipe 4

Coconut water to drink.

Coconut water has a ton of vitamin C, and it’s naturally  low in sugar.  A great side-perk is that it is awesome at hydration and can help your skin look great if taken on a regular basis.

Dietary Tips to Prevent a virus from spreading

Once you feel a cold coming on, try these tips.

Cut out sugar completely. Sugar is an immunosuppressant and will help the cold get worse.

Don’t drink any alcohol.  Alcohol is also an immunosuppressant.

Minimize caffeine (cut out coffee, but if you get a headache, try green tea while you are feeling unwell).  Coffee seems to be too artificially stimulating and seems, at least for me, to cause more stress in the body.   Stress will worsen the cold.

Minimize Dairy.  Dairy is known to aggravate mucus production and will worsen a blocked or runny nose and headaches.

Cut out fried foods.  Somehow fried foods have always made my sore throats worse.  I don’t have a scientific explanation for why.  But fried foods always worsen my symptoms.

Increase Vitamin D and take a probiotic to help fight off the cold.

If you’re not a small child, pregnant or nursing, there are many herbs that can fight off a cold or flu very quickly.  Medicinal mushroom like cordyceps, oregano, garlic and the list goes on.  However, it’s hard to discern what is truly safe in pregnancy and nursing as no pregnant woman would knowingly experiment on her unborn child.  So play it safe and use remedies that you know you can trust.

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  • 1. mphansalker  |  November 9, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Yesterday I felt a tickle in my throat and a bad headache. I drank two cups of chaga tea with turmeric and one cup of lemon ginger water. My headache was gone by evening and today I feel fine. I will drink another cup of chaga tea today, just to seal the deal!


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